Cleaning & concierge 

  • Support Services; errand running, filing, mailing, event planning, special event/ marketing support, catering, customer service, reception, administration, greeters, cleaners 
  • Property Management; advertising vacancies, finding/screening tenants, setting/ adjusting/ collecting rent, handling leases, overseeing move-in & outs, maintenance & repairs, landscaping, cleaning units, painting, renovations, snow removal, security
  • Secret Shopping; to ensure your employees are performing up to your standards.
  • Concierge Service for Your Employees; These days, people often feel overwhelmed with responsibilities at home and work. By taking care of time-consuming tasks for your employees, we believe that we can help restore a healthier work/life balance in their lives, which means happier & more productive employees for you! Attract and retain a high quality staff, demonstrate that your company is innovative and progressive, and send the message that you care about your employees time.

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Boundless Butler offers a wide variety of professional services that are designed to support you and your employees. No matter what type of business you need assistance with, our team is here for you!

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