What if you are buying things for me, like groceries, how do I pay for them?

We ask that you add funds to your account in advance to be used towards purchases we make on your behalf via cash, cheque or etransfer. We will keep a detailed record of your balance on file. Other options, such as joint accounts or credit cards, are also available.

Your company offers so many services, do you perform all the work yourself?

When necessary we will hire a third party on your behalf. We do all the research for you, to ensure that only the best companies and services are selected! 

Example #1: Imagine coming home after a long day at work to a clean and organized home. The yard, pool, hot tub, garage, all perfectly maintained. The kitchen is already stocked with all of your favorite foods and there is a delectable meal prepared and waiting for you in the fridge. After diner, as you head upstairs to clean sheets on your freshly made bed, you can rest easy knowing that your dry cleaning and recently polished footwear have been laid out for you in the closet. 

Example #2: A new parent is feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities. We prepare several weeks worth of frozen home-made meals that can be effortlessly made later. We fill your fridge with a variety of freshly made/ ready to eat meals and snacks, run errands, deliver diapers and other baby supplies, arrange date nights (including making the reservations!), and hire a trustworthy babysitter.

Example #3: With age, performing all of the necessary tasks to maintain your home and remain independent has become a challenge. We make regular visits to ensure that your refrigerator it stocked with fresh foods & dairy. We maintain your home and property, and visit frequently to "freshen up" with flowers and reading materials. A personal chauffeur is at your disposal, ready to accompany you to appointments, social activities, shopping or anywhere else you may desire.

Examples of how our service works...

What is a Personal Concierge Service & who hires them?

​​​​​​​​​Boundless Butler was created in 2013 by two young women with a dream. A dream that our lives could be simplified, happier, and less stressful. A dream that relief from our increasingly hectic schedules, never ending to-do lists, and overwhelming amount of responsibilities was possible. This dream spawned the creation of our cleaning and concierge company, and we have proudly been offering our customers an increasingly diverse range of services ever since!

We aim to deliver a level of customer satisfaction and quality workmanship that far surpasses that of our competitors. In a world full of "big guys" we strive to bring back the old fashioned, reliable, high quality service that only a local company can provide.


About Us

We support local business!

At Boundless Butler we believe it's important to support local business! That's why we've made the commitment to purchase Canadian made goods, work with 

local/independent businesses, and support the local economy whenever possible!

​​​​​​A Personal Concierge Service is designed to help you with absolutely anything. That's right, anything. Now you can enjoy a personal assistant, for your personal life!

A personal concierge service is a one stop shop for all of your needs. Whether it be running errands, shopping, meal prep, cleaning, laundry, getting that leaky faucet fixed... we will take care of it FOR you! Do away with any task that you don't have the time, patience, desire, or ability to accomplish yourself! So long as it's legal, there is no request too menial or outrageous for you to make and of course, our services are completely confidential!

Professionals, entrepreneurs, seniors, and busy parents alike can benefit from our services. We aim to help eliminate stress & restore peace & balance in your life! We want to see you become the happiest, healthiest version of you! We can assist regularly, or on occasion... we're here whenever you need a helping hand!


Cleaning & concierge